Natasha Takemoto & Mochi


“Mochi came into our lives in March 2014. I had been trying for years to convince my boyfriend that we needed a cat but he wasn’t 100% sure. We moved into a place that was basically above a pet store and I noticed that they were holding an adoption event by a cat rescue group called Kitty Karetakers… so I brought my boyfriend in with me, “just to look at the cute kittens”. Mochi was actually one of the cats living at the pet store while waiting to be adopted. She was found alone in a dumpster in Philly when she was a tiny kitten. She was about 2-3 months old at the time and her name was Frizzy, which is funny because she is so not Frizzy. The women at the store told us that she was the only young kitten that could be adopted alone because she was very independent. I think she called her “sassy”. My boyfriend immediately fell in love with her. Later that night, she came home with us! I’m so glad she’s in our lives and now we’re thinking about adopting another friend for Mochi. And as a sidenote, Mochi’s sass is really just typical cat behaviour. For example, I came home late from work last night, fed Mochi and went straight to bed. About three hours later, Mochi ate her food and decided that an empty bowl was unacceptable, so she started meowing incessantly. I woke up to find my computer (amongst other knick knacks) lying on the floor. Of course, when I fed her in the morning, she didn’t appear to be hungry at all. As of 12PM, she hasn’t even touched her food because she is peacefully sleeping under the bed.”@natashatakemoto

Natasha is one half of Wolcott : Takemoto (@wolcotttakemoto), a clothing line that is designed and produced in New York City.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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