Crown Heights

Alex Bak & Ace

“We knew my mother was very sick for a while, and that she didn’t have long to live. She lived in Denver, and I live in New York. I visited her at the start of last August and we knew she was getting bad, but we thought she had a few more months at least, […]

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Molly Young & Helen

  “Helen is an Abyssinian with a facial expression that ranges from “faint distaste” to “diabolical contempt”. Helen is quite small; she was the runt of the litter. I love how she looks like a hieroglyphic of a cat. She is curious and enjoys playing fetch. Her favorite human food is cantaloupe with a dab […]

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Long Island City

Dinah Eke & Wolfie

  “I walked into the shelter with every intention of bringing home a fat Russian Blue kitty I had seen on their website. Before I had a chance to meet said kitty, the proprietor pulled me aside and asked if I was open to looking at another cat. I assumed she would show me another […]

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Seaport District

Alexis Healey & Foster

  “I never intended to adopt a cat, but my co-worker Kelly and another friend at work, Paige, were such big animal lovers/advocates they had me following several shelters on instagram and were always sending me links to dogs and cats in need of a home because they felt it was time for me to […]

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Ridgewood, Queens

Natasha Takemoto & Mochi

  “Mochi came into our lives in March 2014. I had been trying for years to convince my boyfriend that we needed a cat but he wasn’t 100% sure. We moved into a place that was basically above a pet store and I noticed that they were holding an adoption event by a cat rescue […]

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Simone Thompson & Nigel

  “It was the brutal winter of 2015 & as I sat in my poorly heated Flatbush apartment my girlfriend presented me with a tiny, scrappy little black kitten by the name of Nigel. Nigel was big enough to fit in the palm of my hand and street smart enough to be unmistakably feral. He possessed […]

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