Kristin Golembiewski & Harry


“One year after I moved to NYC, the man I moved here with and I ended our romantic relationship. We continued to live together, with no disdain for one another but not entirely sure of how to move forward from there. One Sunday afternoon in June, we browsed one of the many street fairs in Brooklyn. We came across a pet adoption truck and couldn’t resist the urge to go inside. We saw many sweet, beautiful cats and kittens but one shy, sleepy, older guy with a funny eye, had my attention. He was clearly an owner surrender based on his declawed paws and extremely well mannered disposition. My (ex)boyfriend reminded me now was not the time, as I’d be looking for a new home myself very soon.

The following weekend a friend and I browsed another street fair, in another Brooklyn neighborhood and came across a foster booth full of cats. I recognized the sweet, older gentleman right away. My rational thoughts had me walking away without him once again.

The next (and final) Saturday had me walking around solo in my own Brooklyn neighborhood. A local pet store had an animal foster organization set up outside for pet adoptions. Lo and behold, the cat I’d been eyeing for weeks slept in the sun. The woman working the booth recognized me right away and said she’d seen me looking at this cat for 3 weeks now. She was personally the one fostering him. She had to keep him in the bathroom to prevent him from being bullied and had had him for almost 6 months. I told her my concern was how he’d feel about living with a dog (a lie, but she was stranger. The truth was personal and weird.) she told me to go get my dog and if they were a match, she’d cut the adoption fee in half and I could take him home today. My heart was a little broken for him and I couldn’t deny that seeing him 3 weeks in a row may have meant that logic didn’t really have a place in this. I went and got the dog and came home less than an hour later with Harry. He was the absolute perfect addition to our family and I am forever grateful to the stars aligning just so that I’d disregard my rational nature for long enough to finally bring him home.”
Kristin is a hair colorist at @sambrocatosalon and lives in Williamsburg


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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