Coco Tardiff & Wolf, Rosy


“Wolf and Rosy love each other a whole lot. When I come home I find their little bodies intertwined in the funniest ways. They wrestle a lot, and one of them usually gets the other in a headlock. Wolfie tends to pin Rosy down because he’s so much bigger, and just sits on her until she starts squealing like a piglet. They chase each other up and down the hallway, meowing and chirping and hopping over one another. I refer to this as “partying” and they do it a lot. They love to party. Sometimes they get the urge to party at 4 in the morning and hop back and forth over the bed while I’m sleeping in it. This can be annoying but what can I say, these kitties like to have a good time.

Wolfie is a Hemmingway cat – he has 7 toes on each front foot, making them look like mittens. He sits like a lion with his giant paws crossed in front of him . He’s an inquisitive little guy, and likes to know what I’m doing at all times. He just likes being around people. Everyone who meets Wolfie says things like, “Wolfie is the best dude” or “Wolfie’s an old soul” or “I don’t like cats but I love Wolfie.” He just has that kind of temperament. Really sweet and mellow and the kindest and gentlest. One time someone told Wolfie that he was a legend, and I feel like that’s pretty accurate.

Rosy is the baby of the two and acts like it. She does this move when she wants a treat where she throws her body on the floor in front of me and bats her eyes while cooing softly, until I see her just lying there being cute, waiting to be noticed. When I come over to pet her she gets up and runs to the treat cabinet and waits for me to open it. Rosy is the cat I find doing weird things to plants or eating plastic bags. She’s also the cuddlier of the two and loves to sit on my lap or my shoulder. When people meet Rosy they usually comment on how beautiful she is, and notice her big blue eyes and perfect features. One time a vet picked her up and cuddled her next to his chest while he told her that she’s “a perfect specimen of a cat.” I feel like that’s pretty accurate too.”

Coco is an art director and designer living in Greenpoint, and currently working for L’Oréal. @velvet_coco


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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