Megan Nugent & Baby Ice Cream, Yummy Breakfast

“I have two cats: Baby Ice Cream and Yummy Breakfast. They are my true loves. Baby Ice Cream is a 6 year old tabby. I got her in Vermont (where I was living at the time) from a back woods mechanic with a “free kittens” sign out front. She was the last left of the litter – which was shocking because she was so small and could not eat solid foods. She had to drink special formula and eat crushed up food for the first few months we had her. She grew up to be healthy and strong, yet still not very big. She’s my girl. We’ve been through a lot together and she is always there for me and never fails to sleep on my pillow and drink water out of the shower faucet like a boss.

Yummy Breakfast on the other hand is a 3.5 year old Scottish Fold. I got her as a wedding gift from my old boss (for a marriage that never came to fruition). She came from a breeder outside of Sacramento and I had to buy her a plane ticket to NYC. She is the cutest, sweetest kitty you ever did see. However, she has had “issues” since the day I got her. She lacks what I would call a “feline grace”. She cannot jump up (or down) from high places, balance on anything, or run swiftly for that matter. After years of vet visits and trying to determine whether or not that was just how she was or if there was something seriously wrong with her – it was determined just last week that she has severe arthritis and a malformed spinal chord. She’s still just a wee one but experiencing serious afflictions normally associated with later in life issues. She is not going to live a very long life (needless to say, I’m devastated!), but on the bright side so far her life has been very fruitful and we will live her remaining years to the fullest together! She’s a fantastic traveler and we plan on taking trips to Montauk this summer and beyond. Seriously, she will sit quietly and calmly in a large tote bag, come along for the ride, and easily adapt to any new environments. It’s unbelievable. She’s truly one of a kind. There will never be another Yummy Breakfast.” 😿😿😿

Megan works in the jewelry industry as a Project Manager for Anna Sheffield.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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