Emmy Marucci & Sully

“Sully was born in north New Jersey, abandoned in a tiny well on a farm. He was 4 weeks old and I had to bottle feed him goats milk — now he’s so huge — people are so shocked when they see him but I always think of him as a teeny lil spotted belly guy.
Cats were always a constant in my life. My mom had a cat follow her home from a bar when she was young…she named the cat Gypsy and she lived for 20 years. My whole family has the word “gypsy” tattooed on us somewhere — she symbolized our family and how my parents always held us close but set us free — now all together our family has 4 cats. It would feel weird and unnatural not to have one around — it just makes sense to us. Where there’s a home, there’s a cat.” @emmymarucci

Emily is a writer living in BK.


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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