Sarah Beth Tagget & Lily, Phaedra

“My boyfriend was pestering me about getting a cat after we got a place of our own. I grew up on a farm so I only knew cats as outside animals- defenders of the barn. I always saw myself as a “dog person”. Boy, was I wrong. Two summers ago my boyfriend’s coworker/friend Haley found a tiny baby kitten in Bushwick being chased by a bunch of drunk girls. Hayley fosters cats often and rescued Phaedra that night. The next day my boyfriend said he was getting me a kitten and it would be home when I get out of work. I thought he was kidding- but was enticed. Upon arriving home I found the tiniest black kitten sleeping in a hot pink lined guitar case. I fell in love immediately. Then the hell-bound kitten stage began. Since we lived in a studio, sleeping became difficult. Phaedra attacked our feet each night. She needed a friend.
How serendipitous that Hayley found Lily stranded on a fire escape. Luckily a few neighbors let her in the yard which allowed for her to be rescued. Hayley took Lily (“Bubblegum” at the time) to Dr. Loos, the neighborhood vet, and got her set up for adoption. A week or so later my boyfriend showed me the post about “Bubblegum”. We had to have her. “Lily of the Night” felt most suitable. She seemed so sad at first- grunting, and wouldn’t let us pick her up. It took about four days for Lily and Phaedra to befriend each other. I clearly remember their first day spent together in the window. It’s been about a year since- and I can say we’ve got the best of friends. <3″ @staggerly


Photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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