Sarah Beth Tagget & Lily, Phaedra

“My boyfriend was pestering me about getting a cat after we got a place of our own. I grew up on a farm so I only knew cats as outside animals- defenders of the barn. I always saw myself as a “dog person”. Boy, was I wrong. Two summers ago my boyfriend’s coworker/friend Haley found […]

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Taiyo Kitagawa & Lebowski

“I was living in San Francisco when a college friend got a kitten from the@SPCA. He later found out his apartment didn’t allow pets. I offered to cat-sit until he figured things out since I’ve always wanted a cat and thought of this as good practice to see if I could take care of one. […]

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Crown Heights

Alexis Patterson & Mr. Claude

  “I got Mr. Claude in 2008 from a shelter when he was about 3 months old. As the other cats meowed and fought for attention, he sat quietly in the corner shivering. They informed me that he may be suffering from cat laryngitis and may never meow. They tried to push “healthier” kittens on […]

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Brooklyn Heights

Christene Barberich & Phoebe

  “Two years ago, on New Year’s day, I was finishing up my usual annual ritual—bringing my journal with me from the previous year to a special place and taking stock of all the highlights and accomplishments of the year past. This time around, I chose the Mondrian hotel. And as I sat there detailing […]

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